Reducing Recidivism,
One Person At A Time

If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.”

Our Mission

Strively’s mission is to reduce prison recidivism. We do this by supporting organizations who's goal it is to help justice impacted individuals start careers in technology. 

Through partnership with technology companies, we aspire to change how people are perceived and impacted by one of society’s most complex problems, mass incarceration. 

We succeed together by supporting and serving a population of talented, motivated, and capable individuals who are ready for their opportunity to have a thriving career in technology.”

Our Story

Strively’s founder, Kate Leidy has been working in technology for over 17 years.

After volunteering inside Soledad Correctional Facility with the incarcerated population, she recognized the personality similarity in tech sales people and those she worked with in the prison system.

Observing their drive, savvy, and focus, it became clear that making space for the previously incarcerated in technology is an incredible asset to the tech industry and creating a path out of recidivism is imperative for the betterment of society as a whole.

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Strively Whole Person Program

Talent Sourcer, GTM & Business Recruiter @ Checkr



Strively Whole Person Program

Web & App Developer, tCheck



Strively Whole Person Program

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Whole Person Program

Strively helps nonprofit organizations supporting formerly incarcerated individuals build bridges into sustainable careers in technology. The services offered include: designing inclusive tech training programs tailored to address barriers this community faces; crafting partnership strategies between nonprofits and tech companies focused on expanding opportunity; and advising on best practices for leveraging this untapped talent pool. Strively brings an expertise in creating meaningful pathways into the tech sector for overlooked groups, allowing its clients to tap into skilled, diverse professionals while also providing economic mobility and fair chance hiring."


Tech Training Programs

Develop training programs current to industry standards.



Guiding teams to build effective systems and streamline workflows.



Create strategic tech alliances that expand professional opportunities and upward mobility.


Volunteer & Mentorship Programming

Design volunteer initiatives that cultivate purpose among team members, driving employee engagement.


Executive Mentorship

Guiding executives to adopt inclusive hiring upholding equal opportunity for justice-impacted employees.

Our Partners

Our Mentors

A critical component of our program is mentorship. Our mentor team is comprised of tech professionals and accomplished coaches with backgrounds similar to our mentees. From the first day as a Strively candidate, through the first year of employment, our mentee/ mentor pairings are carefully curated based on the needs and goals of each individual.

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I believe that the Strively Program will be very beneficial for me, as it will challenge me in ways to become better than I was yesterday. I would love to have a career, but more than anything, it’s about sharing my success so others can become successful as well.